Capt. Wells Brand Scallops | Seaford, Virginia

For four generations the Wells name has been known for the freshest quality product available in the seafood industry. The family owned business, Wells Ice and Cold Storage, has the reputation for the highest quality product available in the scallop industry. The entire line of Capt. Wells Scallops is available 365 days a year.

Captain Wells's father started in the seafood business during the 1920's. For over eighty years and across four generations, the Wells family continues to be involved and committed to the fishing industry. Bill Wells, Jr., who began construction on the flagship for his fleet, the F/V Carolina Queen, founded Wells Scallop Company in 1979. Later that year, Wells and his partner, V. J. O'Neal moved to Seaford, Virginia and formed the Seaford Scallop Company.

The company grew quickly and by 1982, Seaford Scallop Company operated eighteen vessels and was known as one of the largest scallop vessel operators on the East Coast.

In 1988, Mr. Wells and his son, Bill Wells III, formed Wells Ice and Cold Storage and began processing scallops at their new facility in Seaford. Mr. Wells also purchased the Seaford Scallop Company from his partner and sold a portion of his fleet to eight independent contractors who supply part of the scallop product to Wells Ice and Cold Storage and Seaford Scallop Company. Currently 13 vessels continue to fish for Wells on a regular basis.

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